About Us

Introducing Sound Off, a trailblazing musical force seamlessly blending the rhythmic essence of reggae, the urban pulse of hip-hop, and the soulful vibes of R&B. About one hour north of Philly, hailing from Lehigh Valley, PA, this dynamic collective is making waves in the music industry with their distinctive sound and genre-defying approach.

Sound Off has become synonymous with innovation and authenticity, drawing inspiration from the likes of iconic reggae legends, the rhythmic complexities of hip-hop pioneers, and the soul-stirring melodies of R&B greats. Their music resonates with a global audience, transcending boundaries and captivating listeners with its unique fusion of genres.

In a groundbreaking achievement, Sound Off recently achieved a significant milestone by having two of their tracks, "Eve Of Destruction" and "Her Fire," featured in the HULU Original TV series, Saint X. Premiering in mid-2023, this remarkable placement is a testament to Sound Off's rising prominence in the industry and their ability to craft music that not only resonates with fans but also complements visual storytelling. The team’s core roster consists of J-Mal (Reggae/Caribbean Pop Artist, Singer/Songwriter), Reece Mills (R&B Artist, Singer/Songwriter), Ty Whit (Rapper/Singer, Songwriter/Producer), and Drew Breezy (Rapper/Singer, Songwriter/Producer). Along with those core artists Sound Off is constantly working with new talent to bring high quality music to the world.

 With influences ranging from all the Marleys, Buju Banton, Barrington Levy, Sean Paul, Mad Lion, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Beanie Sigel, The Roots, Kanye West, Outkast, Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and countless other legends, Sound Off has meticulously crafted a signature sound that pays homage to the roots of each genre while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. Their commitment to authenticity and creativity has garnered them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, positioning Sound Off as one of the most promising acts in the current music scene.

As they continue to evolve and redefine the soundscapes of reggae, hip-hop, and R&B, Sound Off remains dedicated to delivering music that transcends genres, resonates with diverse audiences, and leaves an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry. Stay tuned as Sound Off continues their journey, breaking barriers, and creating a harmonious fusion of reggae, hip-hop, and R&B that speaks to the soul of a new musical era.