In the beginning was the Word (la palabra, kalima)
And the Word was with God and the Word was God
(y la palabra era Dios, Kanat alkalimat Allah).
It was peaceful then….
(Era pas entonces, wakanat silmiat thuma)
But what’s outside the Garden? (Que, Madha)
Can I trust Adam?
And what is free will?
(libretad , ma hi al'iiradat alhr?)
The burning inside does not subside
The need to know more grows in the mind
Moments in life
When you question everything you’ve ever known…
The calm before the storm
(la tormenta, easifa)
you MUST DIE to be reborn
(renacida, tulad mn jadid)
The chaotic beauty
Building and destroying
From Alpha to Omega
The order out of chaos
That shall be restored, forever more
(Siempre, 'iilaa al'abad)
THIS IS…. The Eve Of Destruction
(Víspera de la destrucción, eashiat aldamar)